What an end of 2019!
💖 JunCh Angelonato Grandioso BIS at the Kastanjeshow & his 1st CAC in Cloppenburg!
💖 JunCh Glitters Regal Rose won CAC/IB in Dortmund, CAC in Münchberg & BOS at the Kastanjeshow!
💖 JunCh Glitters Rebel at Heart won CAC/RCACIB in Luxembourg, RCAC/IB in Leuven, CAC & BIS in Cloppenburg!
💖 Glitters Second to None won BPIS in Münchberg, BPIS at the Kastanjeshow & Bos-puppy in Cloppenburg!
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Kathy Braeckman
Overmere (Belgium)