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He did it!

HE DID IT! Words can not express what we feel... Glitters Obsidian Butterfly won the best juniortitle there is: Junior Warrant (subject to KC confirmation). Million of thanks to the breedjudges who awarded him points: Heather Morss, Audrey Richardson, Fiona Clarckson, Eve Saxon, mr Talbot, Sandra Green and Lesley Layland! Thank you to co-travellers Brigitte, Stéphane, Hans and Camiel, you made each trip one to remember! Thank you to my dear family for taking care of my other furry friends who stayed at home! And last but certainly not last to Henric Fryckstrand. Originally I had chosen a different fiancée for Pierkes mother, but after arriving in Sweden we had a rather convincing discussion and changed plans. What a master plan it turned out to be 😊 Also lots of thanks to all the new Uk friends we made and helped us with (for them) most probably silly questions 😂 (Ch Xanthos Machiavelli x Ch Fenwood Libertine Glitters)

Thank you Lesley Layland for the video!

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