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BRC Clubshow

Bursting with pride of our very happy outgoing Glitters & Golden Rose-Bay's at BRC clubshow just like a golden should be <3 Star of the day was Glitters Rebel at Heart, shown with so much love and excitement by his owner Stéphane De Ridder , he won minor puppy and went BOB minor puppy <3 Glitters Rain from Heaven showed her socks of and went 2nd in a large minor puppy class (10 entries) <3 Glitters Range Rover Princess was awarded very promising in the same class (well done fam. Fastré!) while her sister Glitters Regal Rose got a 'promising', luckely tastes do differ, she is proudly owned by myself ;) <3 Ingrid Soetewey entered her 2 sweethearts Glitters Picture Perfect (who went 4th in intermediate) and Golden Rose-Bay's Quality Quinta who both looked lovely <3 Golden Rose-Bay's Qmusic Quito by Anne Fastré & aunt Golden Rose-Bay's Original Dancing Queen owned by my mother Brigitte Bracke received a very good <3 <3 <3

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