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What a day! Ch Glitters 1 2 3 Tango (Bowie x Moesja) won 1st in her 1st champion class, Cac, Cacib, Bob, Bog and Bis-9... Wow... Java is loved by me and Brigitte Bracke Glitters Rebel at Heart (Bentley x Moesja) won his 1st juniorclass, just 9 months old. Rebel is adored byStéphane De Ridder and me Glitters Range Rover Princess (Bentley x Moesja) also made her debute with a lovely 2nd place in astrong junior class. Luna is owned by Anne Fastréand Mario Spinnoy Golden Rose-Bay's Qmusic Quito (Pierke x Lola) went 3rd in intermediate class, also owned by Anne and Mario The Glitters won Best couple in show too 😍 Our judge today was gundog judge Leen Van Genechten A fantastic day after we had to decide to leave our veterangirl Jätte home, hope her hotspot is better soon... Tnx to our friends for a great day with many laughs <3 #OptiLife #OptiGolden

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