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CAC/IB Mouscron

VERY proud breeder and/or owner!

IDS Mouscron 2019 judged by mrs Gonzalbo-Lorenzo Angelonato Grandioso BOB puppy co owned with Brigitte Bracke Glitters Rebel at Heart BOB junior and Best male! Co owned with Stéphane De Ridder Glitters Range Rover Princess BOS junior owned by Mario & An Anne Glitters Rain on my Parade 2nd in junior owned by Rhonny

Meanwhile in Scotland Glitters Rainbow over Drumkilty keeps winning classes. She is loved by Fiona Clarkson

Tnx Hans for the pictures and to Annick for being such a good godmother for Rebel ;)

Now time for coffee <3

Angelonato Grandioso

Glitters Rebel at Heart with BOB

Glitters Range Rover Princess

Glitters Rain on my Parade

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