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GRCN Kastanjeshow

FAB day for me & Brigitte Bracke at the Dutch golden clubs open clubshow judged by Giovanni Monteverde JunCh Angelonato Grandioso 1st intermediate, Best Dog & BIS <3 (co owned with my mother) JunCh Glitters Regal Rose 1st intermediate, Best Bitch <3

Our 2 puppysweethearts had to compete to each other in a strong puppyclass: Glitters Second to None 1st & BIS-puppy <3 Golden Rose-Bay's Single Belle 3rd <3 (co owned with my mother)

This day exceeded our expectations & it was such a pleasure to see the judge enjoy his day & going over the dogs gently. The committee was superb as always, well done!!! All our dogs are fed by Opti Life 🍴

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