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GRC Cloppenburg

Cloppenburg, one of our favourite shows. This year an entry of 157 goldens, the largest in Germany for the goldens this year, judged by mr and mrs Seamons. Glitters Second to None won a puppyclass bitches with 14 entries 💖 JunCh Angelonato Grandioso won an intermediate class with 11 entries with Cac, co owned with Brigitte Bracke 💖 JunCh Glitters Rebel at Heart won an open class with 23 entries with Cac, co owned with Stéphane De Ridder 💖 4 out of 5 dogs competing for best male were from Belgium, wow! Rebel won in the end and on top of that Best of Breed, big WOW 💖💖💖 #OptiLife

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