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Bundessieger Dortmund

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Bundessieger Dortmund judged by breedjudge Dagmar Winter JunCh Golden Rose-Bay's Ultimatum took a full VDH point in his 1st open class. Well done to the lovely Cacib winner from Heidi Jensen and Rcacib winner from Anja Waebeke-Neve !

JunCh Glitters Viva Forever won junior and BOB junior. She can add 2 new titles to her already impressive list: Bundesjugendsieger & International Juniorchampion! I am so proud and happy for her owners Katarina Bagautdinova .

Her sister JunCh Glitters Viva la Vida was shown in her 1st intermediate class and won her 1st full VDH point.

JunCh Glitters Regal Rose took us by surprise winning open class and the Rcacib. She is now VDH Champion. Her stunning halfsister owned by Lydia Muennich won the Cacib today. What a family!

In Sweden young Golden Rose-Bay's Winner Takes it all won Best Puppydog at a clubshow under breedjudge Lotta Carping. Well done Maria Sjöberg !

Thank you Bjorn Wijns for the pictures! #optilife +4

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