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CAC/IB Brussels Dog Show

Proud on our team at Brussels dog show, we only entered today, trying to get inside the hall once was more then enough... Judges mrs Van Genechten and mr Aleksoski

JunCh Dewmist Decorativo 2 x Rcac and 2nd best dog with RCACIB behind Emilies lovely Buzz Proud on our young boy! Crazy system that dogs who were not placed in the best dog competition left the ring with double cac as classwinner but not Ivo as he was 2nd behind the BOB winner This is Belgium after all

Glitters Viva Forever owned by Katarina Bagautdinova went Best Baby twice beating her sister Antoinette and others, another proud moment

JunCh Glitters Regal Rose won 2 classes so 4 CAC but needs to wait in time to get the last for the full title. In the morning she went 2nd best bitch with RCACIB

Thank you Hans Blancke for all the lovely pictures you made from the Goldens, it was your last photoday but we still hope you change your mind

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