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CAC/IB Gorinchem

2nd showday from the weekend took us to Gorinchem with 45 Goldens and gundogjudge Rudy Feyaerts.

Dewmist Decorativo won junior and to our delight the RCAC! Thank you Aurélie for showing mister happy in the lineup

Angelonato Grandioso had another great day by charming the judge to win the CAC/IB & BOB!!!

His daughter Golden Rose-Bay's Tea after Dinner was a bit impressed by her 1st indoor showexperience, but kept her wagging tail & it took her to a lovely 2nd place in junior.

Glitters Regal Rose won her class and RCACIB. She will stay home now as she needs to change her dress

Ch Limoncella ter Rode Poort went 2nd in veteran but got the most lovely comment from a lady we admire a lot, thank you so much

All our dogs are fed by Opti Life and were bathed with Fraser Essentials

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