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CACIB Leuven

Cac/ib Leuven with Markku Mähönen judging

JunCh Golden Rose-Bay's Ultimatum 1st in junior and BOB-junior and Crufts qualified In the finals he went Junior BIS-3

JunCh Dewmist Decorativo 1st in open and Rcac/IB behind the lovely Synek who pulled out all stops and went BIS overall, wow Karolina Pastusiak

Glitters Viva Forever owned by Katarina made her debute and won a lovely babyclass

Golden Rose-Bay's Unicorn 1st in junior and now also Belgian JuniorChampion and Crufts qualified

JunCh Glitters Regal Rose 1st in open and Rcac/IB

Our group went BIS in the finals Me and Brigitte Bracke cant be any prouder of our team.

Thank you Vincent Devos & Chris De Meyer for the pictures!

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