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GRC Yorkshire

Home from a short Yorkshire trip. When you arrive at a show and you see 22 UK champions are entered you know the competition will be tough and that is exactly what we like. For the 1st time in history our breed was judged in the UK by 2 Australian judges, mrs Morrison and Salvestrin.

JunCh Golden Rose-Bay's Ultimatum won yearling!

Ch Angelonato Grandioso 5th in open (new coat in progress)

Glitters Vanessa Bell 5th in junior (loosing coat now)

Glitters Second to None 3rd in open with studbooknumber

Well done to Lynn and Linseys amazing boys winning the CC and RCC. Another well done for Linsey for winning the bitch CC and BOB with Violet. I have seen her as puppy, junior, adult and now veteran. She takes my breath away every single time

After 1,5 year we saw Sterre back, emotional for us but Sterre stayed cool and is so much loved by Fiona

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