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GRCB 2022 Clubshow

Belgian Golden Clubshow 2022 with judges mr Ek & mr Fryckstrand

Glitters Vanguard Best Babyboy owned by Gloria Glitters Vanessa Bell Best Baby in Show! Golden Rose-Bay's Ultimatum Best Juniorboy Golden Rose-Bay's Unicorn 5th in junior Ch Glitters To the Top 2nd intermediate owned by Gloria Ch Glitters Rebel at Heart 1st in homebred co owned with Stéphane Ch Angelonato Grandioso 2nd in champion

And multistar of the day: Golden Rose-Bay's Tea for Two 1st in intermediate, double CAC, Best Male and at last Best in Show Lucky is owned by Domi & Nathalie

This is the 3rd year in a row our team wins BIS here

More pictures later but here some from Lucky and the critiques from our own dogs, me and Brigitte cant feel any prouder and thank the judges for the most lovely words about our team. Of course only possible with amazing puppybuyers who take the best out of their dogs, thank you so much! #optilife

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