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GRCN Autumnshow

Where do we start...

Instead of driving to the nearby international show me & Brigitte Bracke decided to support the Dutch breedclub to show and train our youngsters. 56 Goldens in total under judges Manita Busser-Jager (Sanguinish) & Marion Dingley (Laburnum)

Ramchaine Change the Station 1st in puppy & Best Puppy in Show

JunCh Golden Rose-Bay's Ultimatum 1st in junior, Best Junior, Best Male & Best in Show

Glitters Viva la Vida 1st in baby & Best Baby in Show

Glitters Vanessa Bell 2nd in puppy

Above all we were proud to see how much fun they had! It was a valuable lesson for them & it is so interesting to enter under real Golden breeders. Their critiques are a delight to read

Oh, and what about the international show? Glitters Viva Forever went Best Babybitch & Ch Glitters Second Thought won the RCAC/IB! Proud to bits!!!!

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