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IDS Dortmund 2024

2 amazing days at the Europasiegershows in Dortmund

JunCh Golden Rose-Bay's Ultimatum 1 full point and RCACIB on sunday  1 more to go now

JunCh Glitters Viva la Vida 3 full points and CACIB on saturday. She can now be called Europasieger  1 more to go for her aswell.

We come back for sure to 1 of our favourite showcountries. Germany has the best atmosphere, food and judges

Judges this weekend were mrs Malkmus and Gadeo Castro.

Well done to all the gorgeous Andy , Pierke and Ivo kids. Plus the ones we bred: Wim, Happy and Lory. We all love you

Pictures from the shows in a few days.

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