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Luxembourg Retriever Clubshow

Bijgewerkt op: 7 aug. 2023

Today we took 3 different Goldens to the clubshow from Luxembourg under mrs May as the breedjudge.

Pleased to say all 6 of our Goldens (and also the 3 other we bred and were shown this weekend) were happily wagging their tail (even poor Rebel who felt ill), not agressive to other dogs or people and not afraid from people, tents, noise from wind, paper.... And hip hurray, they werent nervous either! A big thumb to the BOB and BOS today owned by Bruno and Audrey who not only looked beautiful but also loved the showring and behaved like Goldens should be!

Ch Glitters Rebel at Heart unfortunatly felt ill and we found out too late when he was already in the ring. The judge thought it was necessary to award him his 1st 'Very good' ever, so be it. We hope he feels better soon

His daughter JunCh Golden Rose-Bay's Unicorn won her class with CAC and lovely words from the judge

Ch Glitters 1 2 3 Tango made her debute in veteran and won it, she got the title Luxembourg Veteran Champion and left the ring with touching words from the judge

Thanks to all the lovely chats yesterday and today. It was lovely to see several children back from Andy, we are proud

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