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Moeskroen 2020

Super day in Mouscron! Judge was gundogjudge Leen Van Genechten JunCh Angelonato Grandioso 1st in intermediate & CAC/IB & BOB co loved with Brigitte Bracke JunCh Glitters Rebel at Heart 1st in open & RCAC/IB co loved with Stéphane De Ridder Ch Limoncella ter Rode Poort 1st in veteran & BOS So proud and happy with them all 💖 Thanks to Ilse Van Nunen for helping to handle for BOB and to Hans Blancke for the lovely pictures! Hopefully a day to remember in many ways 🤞 #OptiLifeDogfood

Selah BOS

Andy & Rebel

Andy BOB

Andy & Selah

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