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Retriever Clubshow Luxembourg 2022

Me and mum drove to clubshow Luxembourg: The boys Tim & his dad Ivo both went 2nd. Tim was not standing well for longer then 2 seconds , but he was getting better at the end of his class and moved well, we will see how he progresses. Ivo also not standing well due to wasps trying to steal our meatballs Golden Rose-Bay's Unicorn went 3rd in junior, we will make pictures from her later when temperatures drop, she deserves it! Ch Limoncella ter Rode Poort adds another title to her impressive list: Luxembourg Veteranchampion. Last year I said it was her last show but when I see how much she loved her day out in the ring today, even in this hot weather... She adores her primetime!

So lovely to see Rikke Borring back, again all the best on your special mission Thank you to the kind people coming over to say lovely things about the dogs. Little words can have a big meaning #optilife

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