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Royal Belgian Retriever Clubshow

Days like this are this are not good for the heart...

Today we had the Belgian Retriever Clubshow with Rikke Borring judging 80 Golden Retrievers.

Dewmist Decorativo won his last juniorclass needed for the Belgian Juniorchampiontitle, me and Brigitte Bracke are so happy and proud on him

JunCh Glitters Rebel at Heart was 2nd in a lovely open class handled by his clever co owner Stéphane De Ridder

Golden Rose-Bay's Tea after Dinner wagged her way to a lovely 2nd place in a lovely juniorclass We hope her coat will return sooner then later

But then... We were pleasantly shocked by the result of Ch Limoncella Ter Rode Poort. She won her veteranclass, then Best Bitch, Best of Breed, Best Veteran in show and Best in Show Overall at the age of 9,5 years Thank you so much to all the judges and people who came to say how well she looks!

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